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Earth Day 2020 Souvenir Poster Sold Out

400th Poster Is In Production
The theme for this the 400th poster we've produced is what peace in life looks like. The new poster will emerge from a collage of pictures submited by co-creators. An unveiling of the final production is set for October 2020. 
#9 Of Top 10 Distributed Souvenir Posters
Get Cash For Your CTSTS Posters In accordance with our annual purchasing promise we’re paying from $2.85 to $25.50 per poster. We’re buying back posters that we sold to raise funds for various causes. Two of the posters that we’re buying back were sold to capitalize itself. We always look forward to these times of rewarding and giving back value. The cut off date for this buy back is July 1, 2020
Poster Of The Day
Seller Sets New Record Trevon Dixon is a top poster distributor because he sold over 140 units of one poster in 3-hours. 
Show The Ticket Poster Pt.7 Get a $25 valued reusable cloth mask! Simply send us a pic of you and The Ticket Poster before 10am on 6/5/2020. Reserve…

Posters Inspired By Activist

Anti Racism Based Activist
Get Out The Vote Activist
"Cut The Check" Activist 
Gun Ownership Activist
Re-entry Assistance Advocates
Prisoners Volunteering To Help Other Prisoners
Sexual Freedom Activist
Truth Based Activist & Volunteers
Youth Recreation Activist & Volunteers
Free Kwame Kilpatrick Activist
Transportation For People Activist