Good Customer Service Poster Distributed To Over 100

Since Febuary 2019 the poster pictured above has been distributed to promote good customer service and to reward those that practice good customer service. There's a special raffle number and instructions on each poster. To see pic's of some poster awaredee's go to click here!
1st Friday of June-2019 This month’s winning number is 000404, contact Perry at or 313 742 6018. This prize must be claimed before 7-1-2019.
1st Friday of May-2019 winning number is 000428
1st Friday of April-2019 winning number is 000411.
1st Friday of March-2019 winning number is 000419.
1st Friday of Feb-2019 winning number was 000440.

This is a special edition souvenir poster celebrating the "Blackinaw" Policy event of Detroit 2019.

This is our 3rd literary project promotion poster.

This special edition poster was made in acknowledgement of “Arab-American Heritage Month”. April is henceforth Arab American Heritage Month in Michigan.

This is poster-2 of our new line of special occasion posters by Posters in this series offer an alternative to traditional cards.

“Organizing With Denario” the future of organizing poster & history combo-pack is available for purchase from any of our authorized distributors for $15. The poster comes with the condensed 18-page 2nd edition, which comes with a free VIP advocacy assistance membership.

This is poster-1 of a new line of special occasion posters by This poster series offers an alternative to traditional cards. A new special occasion poster will be added in May of 2019.

3-21-2019 Post
The official networking fundraising poster #1 is continuing to raise support for 1st party claim based organizing. As of 11/13/2019 over 40K posters have been purchased or distributed for sell. 

Update: California Shoreline Preservation Based Activism Poster has raised 2.5K to support clean shorelines through ocean phosphorous & acidity awareness education. The campaign started in California in 2018 and is now spreading to other states.

This special edition poster titled "Global Us Activism" is a collaborative effort by the design team. This collector item poster is expected to raise 50K to mentor and connect advocacy through 1st party claims and experiences. Order yours  today!

The 2nd edition of the Financial Literacy Based Activism poster will be on sale starting January 1, 2019. Proceeds from sells will support financial literacy education for disadvantaged Black children.

Our posters inspire, educate and celebrate individual and group activism & volunteerism.  All official posters have our licensed service mark and are certified for buying, selling and trading. You can support the activism of your choice when you purchase any of our official products. The products are shipped globally. For more information and personal assistance email: We do accept most forms of payment and offer most forms of delivery.

Thank you for your interest in our products!