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Redeem A CTSTS Poster Offer Alerts

10/8/2019 If you’re the owner of an official CTSTS poster, you will be offered options to trade that poster for a benefit, reward or share of stock. The poster redemption options will be posted here each month. We have given thousands of dollars of rewards to ctsts poster owners. We have already redemmed hundreds of privately owned posters from people just like you! If you have any questions please contact us for more information.

10/7/2019 Top selling poster for the last 30 days.
New fundraising poster supports the work of street water drain monitors. To learn more about this campaign in the city of Detroit. Go to
Since Febuary 2019 the poster pictured above has been distributed to promote good customer service and to reward those that practice good customer service. Over 100 have already been distributed. There's a special raffle number and instructions on each poster.  1st Friday of October-2019 This month’s winning number is 000415, contact Perr…