Poster Distributors Reach Goal For Volunteers

8/20/2019 We've reached the goal of 20K to support our planned public service projects. The CTSTS poster sellers volunteer team will also help with the Pre Detroit 2020 Auto Shows.
8/20/2019 Lets make an official ctsts poster together.
8/20/2019 Here are several of our best selling posters.
8/15/2019 This is currently the largest and most distributed 11X17 ticket in the United States; it's also becoming a fast selling souvenir poster.
8/5/2019 If you’re the owner of an official CTSTS-poster, you will be eligible to trade that poster for a share of stock. The redemption option is just beginning and will soon open for 1-month each year. If you have any questions contact us for more information.

Since Febuary 2019 the poster pictured above has been distributed to promote good customer service and to reward those that practice good customer service. Over 100 have already been distributed. There's a special raffle number and instructions on each poster.  1st Friday of August-2019