Sell Your CTSTS Posters For Cash

In accordance with our annual purchasing promise we’re paying from $2.85 to $25.50 per poster. We’re buying back posters that we sold to raise funds for various causes. Two of the posters that we’re buying back were sold to capitalize itself. We always look forward to these times of rewarding and giving back value. The cut off date for this buy back is July 1, 2020

Poster Of The Day
Seller Sets New Record Trevon Dixon is a top poster distributor because he sold over 140 units of one poster in 3-hours. 
Show The Ticket Poster Pt.7 Get a $25 valued reusable cloth mask! Simply send us a pic of you and The Ticket Poster before 10am on 6/5/2020. Reserve your spot by emailing the word MASK to: and you will get a reply confirmation. You can also leave the word MASK on voice mail at: 313 742-6018 and you will get a confirmation call or text to the number you leave.  Get $10 for free gas! On Monday Feb 10, 2020 Get a free lunch special on us! On Tuesday Feb 12, 2020